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Esprit Health is a leading healthcare information technology company dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare by delivering softwware soltions and services. At Esprit Health, we have created innovations in the design of methodologies and information technologies to enable our clients in re-engineering and improving the care delivery process across the enterprise.

[RedSphere]  A Vision for Healthcare

Esprit Health has a vision for healthcare that leverages its innovative technology, content and services. The Esprit Health vision is described throroughly in a series of white papers released to the marketplace and available on this website on the White Papers page.

Our NEW paradigm, the protocol centric approach allows institutions to achieve productivity gains in all healthcare processes as well as enhance the quality and safety of patient care. Tomorrow's knowledge is in today's documentation, but not if prevented by your current systems.

Only true innovation allows institutions to gain control over the delivery and documentation of care. Our approach combines a multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach becoming a core system in the enterprises information systems structure, including aspects of all processes -- clinical, research, administrative, regulatory and business.

We invite you to explore why healthcare organizations are so excited about Esprit. This is the place to find out more about Esprit Health; its mission, the people who are Esprit, and what Esprit different!

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Please take the opportunity to browse the rest of this section at your leisure to learn more about Esprit Health. Of course, please feel free to pick up the phone at any time and call us directly. We'll be delighted to answer any questions that you might have.


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Clinical Documentation, Clinical Research, Disease Management

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