Clinical Documentation, Clinical Research, Disease Management




[RedSphere]   The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)  

This association works to safeguard confidentiality and quality assurance in data collection and cost control. The site features information on computerized medical records and information security. (


[RedSphere]   [] American Medical Informatics Association  

This is a nonprofit membership organization devoted to the development and application of IT in the support of patient care, teaching, research and health care. (


[RedSphere]   [] The AMIA Internet Working Group  

This group promotes the development of Internet-based tools for the medical community. Membership includes health professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals), information specialists and computer programmers. (


[RedSphere]   [] Center for Health-Care Information Management (CHIM)  

CHIM seeks to bring a greater awareness and understanding among health-care professionals on how information technology can be harnessed to improve the quality and cost of health care. (


[RedSphere]   [] College of Health-Care Information Management Executives (CHIME)  

This organization serves the professional needs of health-care CIOs in advancing the strategic application of information management in health care. The site features forums and other networking opportunities, educational offerings, career development and access to information on current IT trends, research and benchmarking. (


[RedSphere]   The European Medical Informatics Society (EMIS)  

This nonprofit association aims to spread and promote the use of information technology in the biomedical industry throughout Europe. (


[RedSphere]   [] The Global Health Network (GHNet)  

An alliance of experts in health and telecommunications developing a health information architecture. GHNet brings together people in government, international organizations, business and academia. (


[RedSphere]   Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)  

A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of health-care information and management systems. (


[RedSphere]   [] The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)  

IMIA links academic and research information professionals with care givers, consultants, vendors and vendor-based researchers to promote the cross-fertilization of health informatics across geographical and professional boundaries. (


[RedSphere]   [] Microsoft Healthcare Users Group (MS-HUG)  

This nonprofit group seeks to improve communications between the various areas of health-care computing by breaking through the boundaries of medicine, technology, payers, academia and industry. (

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Clinical Documentation, Clinical Research, Disease Management

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