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Esprit Health is a unique and innovative solution to today's healthcare challenges. Esprit Health is an employee-owned organization of health care information technology professionals dedicated to placing medical care processes at the center of the healthcare information infrastructure.

Building upon the solid foundation and character of the people who are Esprit Health, three distinctly unique advantages are part of every Esprit system:


 Superior Approach

Our strategic focus on placing medical care processes at the center of the healthcare information technology infrastructure has capitalized on the strength of Esprit Health and its experience. Esprit Health does not just automate old approaches. Our philosophy is that Esprit Health and our software solutions must be invasive to the clinical decision making and management processes. As a result, our focus is not just on installation of our technology, but on "implementation" of a complete solution that includes our ideas and concepts. Transferring a new paradigm for structuring and coordinating healthcare processes is a key to our success.

Esprit Health has the ability to deliver to its clients the full benefits and rewards of improved medical care processes because it represents the successful marriage of two critical elements - a solid foundation of experience in healthcare and healthcare processes, and an unparalleled strength in information systems design. The result is a unique organization whose principals understand the needs of healthcare organizations and clinicians, whose consultants understand how to meet those needs, and whose technical staff can create the sophisticated technology to enable fulfillment of those needs.


 Superior Software

Esprit Health software represents the "third generation" in medical care process information technology. The principals of Esprit Health were responsible for introducing one of the first PC based healthcare systems in the late 1970s and were involved with the introduction of one of the first Case Management systems in the early 1990s. The successful design of Esprit Health software is built upon the foundation of successful system implementation and years of system use and feedback.

Esprit Health software places medical care processes at the center of the information infrastructure to support both medical care delivery and financial management. Esprit Health provides the capability to integrate information from physicians, hospitals, other health systems, payers, and other organizations involved with the health of a defined population.

The sophisticated design of Esprit Health software is built to leverage the convergence of the Internet and the healthcare industry. The opportunity for pervasive connectivity and expanded content translates into realizing increase value from information, including more efficient operations, improved quality of care, and competitive advantage


 Superior Support

One of the most visible strengths of Esprit Health is our commitment to our customers. Our clients are our best salespeople. Our innovative Professional and Technical Support program assures an effective and long-lasting relationship, which extends far beyond the implementation of a system.

Our singular customer focus is the reason for our success. Our goal is to not only educate our clients on the benefits that can derive from our system, but to ensure that the system is used to its fullest capabilities.

At Esprit Health, our approach to software development is to continuously research new methods and refine all of our products to keep pace with technology. These philosophies, embraced by all Esprit Health personnel, provide the environment in which to create truly superior information systems.

These three strengths form the nucleus of the Esprit Health mission -- "To strive to lead in the creation and development of a new paradigm in healthcare software that places medical care processes at the core of the information technology infrastructure; and to translate these advanced technologies into value-added solutions for our customers through our implementation services."


Dedicated to placing medical care processes at the core of the healthcare information technology infrastructure.


Unique blend of healthcare and information technology experience.


Commitment to excellence.


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Clinical Documentation, Clinical Research, Disease Management

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